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Advisory Team

The Moving Forward Advisory Team is a group of professionals who are dedicated and trained in group process, team dynamics, conflict resolution and a variety of other skills in helping individuals and organizations move forward.

Should the need arise, each of these team members is available for additional help in whatever situation you are in.  They work alongside Pastor Eric Hulstrand in those situations.


As the name implies, they are also available for advice and extra insight when needed in the consulting process for Pastor Eric.  To find out more about each of them, click on their info box below.

* Jeff Dorman is a Leadership Consultant for Giant Worldwide.  Before Jeff became a consultant, he was a parish pastor for over 25 years.


* Jim Peasley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Founder of Lighthouse Counseling Services.  Before becoming an LMFT, Jim served full time in the local church as a Youth Pastor for 20 years. 


* Pam Hulstrand is a Prepare/Enrich Trainer and the Founder of On Bended Knee Ministries.  She has also worked in the local church in a variety of capacities for over 30 years.  And yes, she is Eric's wife as well.

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