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Healthy Congregations Workshop/Consultation

What is "Healthy Congregations"? **

  • Healthy Congregations is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping congregations/organizations become stronger and healthier.  It is based on the work of Dr. Murray Bowen and Dr. Peter Steinke* (see Youtube video link below).  In their work, every organization is an organic, interconnected "system" made up of different people with different viewpoints, background, etc.  


  • It is much like our individual bodies.  We are each an interconnected organism of various parts (nervous system,               skeletal/muscular, etc.).  When one part of our body gets "off", the whole system feels the effects, such as when you         break your foot, have a backache, etc.  So it is when one part of an organization gets "off", then the whole system is         effected.  Just like ignoring a health problem rarely works and often creates further problems down the road, so with the   health of a congregation/organization.  

What Kind of Workshops Do You Offer?

  • Visioning:  "Why are we here?"  "Why do we really exist?"  "Where do we want to go?"

  • Conflict/Health:  How to handle conflict in a wise and healthy way BEFORE it happens (so it doesn't get out of control!).

  • Communication:  How to more effectively communicate the vision and values of your organization.  

  • Current/Future Assessment:  How healthy are we right now?  What could make us healthier?  Where are we vulnerable?

  • Customized:  need a combination of the above or something that isn't listed?  Let's talk!


Peter Steinke Youtube Video Sample* (bandage on his nose is from a surgical procedure)

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